Subaccounts gives an account admin the ability to create a new account (Subaccount) that’s linked to the primary account, but separates users and assets from the primary account. Subaccounts are child accounts that share the same plan and usage allocations as the primary, but have their own assets (sending domains, unique users, API key, SMTP credentials, settings, statistics and site login). All you need is the name of the subaccount.

Get my subaccounts

GET /v5/accounts/subaccounts
Parameter Type Default Description
limit int 10 Maximum number of records to return.
skip int 0 Number of records to skip
sort array   “asc” or “desc”
enabled boolean Defaults to all if omitted Returns all enabled/disabled subaccounts

Create a subaccount

POST /v5/accounts/subaccounts
Parameter Type Default Description
name string   Name of the subaccount being created

Disable a subaccount

POST /v5/accounts/s/{-id}/disable

Enable a subaccount

POST /v5/accounts/subaccounts/{subaccount-id}/enable