Razor Error Codes

Razor is Mailgun’s reputation system for detecting spammers and phishers as well as improving deliverability for legitimate customers. Razor uses a host of signals to algorithmically detect messages that either look like spam or have been marked as spam, and shut them down. If your account has been shutdown by Razor, the below table will explain why Razor has shut your account down and the steps you can take to reactivate your account.

If you believe Razor has deactivated your account in error, please contact Mailgun Support and reference the Razor error code you received to speed up account reactivation.

Code Reason
rzr01 Your domain has been disabled in order to protect your email reputation. Mailgun has detected content that is labeled as spam or a large amount of incorrect email addresses and/or spam complaints. These issues will cause poor deliverability of your emails and need to be resolved before we can enable your account.
rzr02 No longer in use.
rzr03 Suspicious activity has been detected on your account. Business verification is required.
rzr04 Suspicious activity has been reported on your account. Business verification is required.